[Owner] Clwolf_Studios posted Jan 15, 18

We are proud to introduce the new Nighitngale Bot! This bot will add features such as a text channel that will allow you to veiw the minecarft chat in discord!

 Other features of this bot includes the *help, *ip, and *site commands! There will be more commands coded in the future! 

If you spot any bugs please report them in the forums or in our #bug-reports channel in discord.

- Happy 2018,

                        Nightingale Central

TS3 server: ts.nightingalecentral.com (Not Yet Released)

Minecraft server: play.nightingalecentral.com (Not Yet Released)

Discord server: https://discord.gg/JTSxpBx

Voting is fixed, we are currently working on cleaning things up. Website development, Crate customization, Bug fixes, and other small details are being worked on by both the owners and the managers.

-Thank you RedassasinX for coding our tablist and voting listener plugin!

Voting is up and running smoothly thanks to our Head Developer; RedassasinX!

Development on the server is progressing! Crates configuring, Web Development, and other small bug fixes and tweaks are being worked on currently.

We are fixing some bugs with voting rewards. Remember, this site is in beta stages and will be developed further on.